Protective Plastic Netting
Part Guard Part Guard is a high quality polyethylene netting that is ideal for protection and separation of products in all process, handling, shipping and storage applications. The open mesh design eliminates trapping of moisture and protects against rust or corrosion.

Part Guard can be easily scissor cut to precise lengths, and accommodates a variety of application diameters.

Part Guard is available in an expandable, medium duty type (PGE) or a thicker, non-expandable product  (PGN). Each size is defined by a discrete color, allowing quick and easy visual identification of the diameter, and simplifying inventory management of various sizes.


Overexpanded In Use Overexpanded In Use      
Part Guard is an ideal solution
for protecting delicate, sharp
or precision parts from damage
during shipping or storage.
Part Guard protects
precision bearing surfaces
from damage.