Abrasion Protection for High-Traffic Carpeting with Easy On, Easy Off Hook Closure
Dura Race DURA RACE is the solution for hiding and protecting wires that are exposed on carpeted areas. Dura Race is braided from a tightly woven ballistic Nylon.

With industrial strength hook closure, this covering will adhere to most industrial and high traffic carpeting, making it easy to lay over wires, cables or hoses keeping them protected from abrasion. Dura Race tightly holds the application close to the carpeting, avoiding trips or falls on free lying wires.

Dura Race provides greater abrasion resistance and water repellency compared to other Nylon® sleeves.

Dura Race is available in Black and Safety Stripe.


Recommended for use with
Not recommended for use with
Loop Pile
Cut & Loop Pile
Patterned Loop Pile
Cut Pile
Dura Race is braided from tightly woven ballistic Nylon.
Dura Race Safety Stripe is a great safety enhancement for offices and other cable environments. Heavy duty hook closure for carpet installation.