High Density Fine Thread Sleeving
Flexo 6 Mil One of the most unique applications for expandable braided sleeving is the filtration of small particles from flowing liquids. Our Flexo 6 Mil is a great off the shelf solution.

Flexo 6 Mil uses chemical resistant PET fiber to create an ultra flexible sleeve. The small monofilaments bond easily when heated to create lasting shapes, or with one end sealed completely, a durable filtration sock. 6 Mil is densely braided to provide extraordinary filtration and can easily be backflushed for cleaning without losing its shape or properties.

Also sold by the name Filter Flexo.

Flexo 6 Mil is available in Clear.

Very fine monofilament threads
and dense construction makes
Flexo 6 Mil perfect for a variety
of fluid filtration applications.