Nostalgic Look and Feel, Modern Day Performance
Flexo F6 Quiet Noise Reduction Sleeving Flexo F6 Quiet is specially engineered to reduce the noise associated with wire harnesses or cables installed in hard to reach areas such as door panels or dashboards.

The special hybrid construction suppresses noise from loose harnesses moving against body or dash panels. F6 Quiet also has a soft and flexible feel, reminiscent of old style cotton loom, making it the perfect product for restoration projects. The wraparound construction is perfect when component or harness disassembly is impractical or impossible.

For new wiring installations, or when building harnesses from scratch, our Flexo Noise Reduction sleeving offers the same protection and noise reduction qualities in an expandable sleeving product.

Flexo F6 Quiet wraparound sleeving is available in Black.

Installation Tool As easy as installing F6 is, we've made it even easier to cover long lengths of wire or cables quickly and economically.
See our exclusive F6 installation tools here.
F6 Bulk Shipping Boxes Bulk lengths of Flexo F6 ship in these convenient stackable boxes. The product is neatly coiled for easy dispensing through the pre-cut center hole, and the carrying handles make it ideal for field installers to move around the job site.


Flexo F6N Graphic        
The large overlap allows easy
installation over splices and
inline connectors without
exposing wires and cables.