Seal Silicone Tape
Seal Silicone Tape fuses without adhesive and remains  
flexible and strong under all conditions Seal self-fusing silicone tape is a unique adhesive free product that quickly fuses to itself to create a moisture and corrosion resistant continuous seal for Class A & B electrical insulation, pipe and hose repair, or anywhere a quick and residue free wrap is needed.

Seal Silicone Tape creates an airtight/watertight seal around even irregularly shaped applications, and the high insulation values make it useful in repairing cracked or damaged insulation in Class A and B applications.

Ideal to keep in a toolbox for emergency repairs on wires or hoses, as a residue free solution to coil extension cords, ropes, and cables and for a waterproof, heat and chemical resistant wrap for wiring harnesses and splices

silicone tape resists heat and automotive  
chemicals and selas on dirty or wet hoses waterproof self sealing silicone tape easily  
seals leaking or ruptured pipes and hoses weatherproof silicone tape protects outdoor  
wiring from water, damage and accidental  
disconnects non adhesive silicone tape easily repairs  
split or pulled wires on tools and appliances non conductive and non hardening silicone  
tape makes perfect insulation for splices and  
inline plugs in home theater wiring
Silicone tape is ideal for
finishing high temperature
sleeving installations
in automotive, industrial
and marine applications .
Waterproof and self bonding,
silicone tape is perfect for
emergency repairs to pipes,
hoses and tubing.
Economical silicone tape
creates a weatherproof seal on
outdoor extension cords and
lighting wiring harnesses.
Self fusing and non adhesive,
silicone tape makes easy
repairs to split wires and
broken or damaged tools.
Seal silicone tape is non
conductive and non hardening
and makes insulating splices
and inline connectors easy
and trouble free.