Flexo Mounting System

Our new patented Flexo Mounting System has been created to attractively terminate cabling applications with a secure mountable end. This Flexo Mounting System is engineered to work with Flexo PET 38.1mm or 1 1/2” and 44.5mm or  1 3/4”, and with Flexo Clean Cut 38.1mm or 1 1/2” or any other sleeving grades of the same diameter of 38.1mm 1 1/2" or 44.5mm 1 3/4".

The installer friendly part clamps securely onto the sleeve without attaching to your wiring for ideal strain relief. The two piece construction removes any limitations in size created by large connectors and preserves the sleeving’s expandability.

Automotive grade glass filled nylon construction is suitable for a variety of applications.

Before After
A few minutes of time for installation, without any specialized tools, results in a strong, neat and long lasting assembly that completely hides the wire bundle and allows free access to the bundle for removal or addition of additional wires.

At the heart of the Flexo Mounting System is the specially engineered Locking Collar, which when used in conjunction with the Metal Retaining Ring,securely holds the sleeve without constricting the cable bundle.

Flexo Mounting System wall plates are available in Black, White and Beige to match any decor. All hidden parts are Black only.
Single Locking Collar Set FMS1.50FL
5 Pack Locking Collar Set FMS1.50FL5
Wall Plate Only (includes 2 color matched screws) FMP1.50PLATE
Finishing Pack: 1 Locking Collar Set & 1 Wall Plate FMS1.50FK

Installation Instructions

Step 1
Install the sleeving over your wire bundle. Try to closely match the sleeving diameter to your bundle diameter so the bundle is fairly tightly managed. Leave about 50mm of additional length to put through to the other side of the finished assembly.

Step 2
Open the metal retaining ring and slide it over your bundle. Install the ring INSIDE of the sleeving so that the registration teeth protrude through the sleeving.

Step 3
Take one of the locking collar halves (it doesn't matter which one... they're identical) and place it over the teeth on the retaining ring. It is important that the teeth of the retaining ring protrude into the appropriate holes in the locking collar. Hold it in place while you align the other half of the locking collar to the locking tabs on the ends of both halves. Squeeze the 2 halves together until both ends snap and lock together.

Step 4
Smooth out the sleeving to allow the wall plate to easily slide up the length of the cable bundle. Slide the wall plate onto the assembly so that the side that faces the wall is against the locking collar. Snap the locking collar over the registration pins on the inside of the wall plate.

Screw the wall plate into the workbox with the included color matched screws.