The full coverage ensures
ensures extreme protection from
wear and abrasion, and creates
a custom look on any hose.

Flexo Braided Stainless Steel XC, Tight Weave for Extra Coverage

Our new X-tra coverage product, Flexo Stainless Steel XC, provides fuller coverage with no transparent elements in the braided construction and results in a continuous stainless steel shine on any application. Nothing protects hoses from wear and blowout quite like real Flexo Stainless Steel Braiding. It looks great in any application and is as strong as, well, steel. But, custom hoses over braided with stainless steel are expensive, selections are often limited and production and delivery times can be an issue.

Now, you can take any stock or custom hose, slip a length of Flexo Stainless over it, hide the cut ends under your clamps and have the same look and protection as custom overbraided hoses at a fraction of the cost.

Flexo Stainless XC is braided from strong 304 stainless steel wires, pre-rounded for easy, slip on installation and is available in diameters and expansion ranges to accommodate virtually any common hose or wire application.

Flexo Stainless Steel XC is only available in Silver.