Heat Shrink Tubing

Shrinkflex Heat Shrink Tubing range is available in many grade and colors. It is a flexible, pre-stretched tubing, engineered from a wide range of polymers, that will shrink to a fixed diameter when sufficient heat is applied. Its diameter and thickness can vary, and it is rated by its expansion ratio.

Custom Heat Shrink Printing

Techflex is happy to make this unique service available to all of our customers.

Our Custom Heat Shrink Printing process allows our customers to select from our available selection of heat shrink tubing products and design their own customized branding on the Heat Shrink Tubing.

You can choose from any of our 11 Heat Shrink Tubing colors, and 10 ink colors: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow.

Your finished art will be prepared by our Graphics Department and printed on to  our high resolution printing equipment.

Please contact our Sales Team for additional details and information.